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SynoBox Synchronize your folders with the Dropbox cloud storage service.

With multiple account support, folders selection, file filtering, one-way and two-way synchronization, it is fully integrated with your NAS, using the package center, like any other Synology package.

25 February 2014 ~ Comments Off on SynoBox is back online

SynoBox is back online

Due to a domain name expiration, the site was down since last Wednesday.

The explanation is quite simple: synobox.fr.nf requests are handled by CloudFlare (used for caching to improve site performance), which redirects to synobox1.info, the original domain name given by iFastNet (previously ByetHost), instead of redirecting directly to the server IP.

Unfortunately, the synobox1.info domain expired on the 19th, bringing the site offline.

This is now resolved, I just needed to update the CloudFlare DNS configuration to use a A entry with the server IP address instead of CNAME.

Thanks again to Azote.org for free domain names, CloudFlare for free CDN and iFastNet for web hosting.


26 January 2014 ~ Comments Off on Final release 1.1.0 with async mode!

Final release 1.1.0 with async mode!

This it,

I’ve finally decided to go live with async mode, as it is a non-default preference.

Some minor changes since last beta:

  • http server port is now set to 0 by default, which means choosing a port number randomly each time the service is started. If you need a specific port, you can simply change it in the preferences – remember to activate SSL when needed to protect your credentials…
  • error reporting in the main loop is now giving the file or folder causing the error – this corrects a regression since 491 version
  • messages show in the gui is now set to 100, just because
  • service info, warnings and errors are now appended to the installation log file, which is accessible in the package center, allowing to better diagnose web gui not starting for example

And as usual, many thanks to all new donnors: Dmitriy, Navdeep Bains, Daniel, Tan, ODB Soft, Johan.

09 January 2014 ~ Comments Off on Beta release 1.1.0-0541

Beta release 1.1.0-0541

This is a new minor beta release for the beta version, with:

  • fixed sync running one time too many in a race condition
  • probable (?) fix for dead async delta

Your feedback is really needed if you’re using the new async mode – please take some time to share how it is working in this topic.

30 December 2013 ~ Comments Off on Update release 1.0.1-0491

Update release 1.0.1-0491

This is a minor release with the following changes:

  • Fixed local disk scan to use a temporary file instead of memory to prevent crash on low memory systems

30 December 2013 ~ Comments Off on Beta release 1.1.0-0539 with async mode!

Beta release 1.1.0-0539 with async mode!

This is a new major beta release which introduces the new async mode.

Even if working well for more than a week on my NAS, I still need more feedback before releasing it as stable.

Please do not activate async mode unless you are sure of what you are doing – and remember to backup your Dropbox content, as usual.

Async mode allows to wait for file change notifications from the hard disk (using inotify) and from Dropbox (using longpoll_delta API). When notified, SynoBox will start syncing, without waiting for the next scheduled run.

This is an non-default option, which must be activated in the preferences.

To use async mode, you will need to set schedule execution at least every 5 minutes. For example:

  • To always use async mode, just leave the time between two syncs to 5 minutes
  • To use async mode on monday-friday but not other days, just use the scheduler to sync every 5 minutes on monday-friday (e.g. %5 * * * mon-fri) and 6 or more minutes on saturday-sunday (e.g. %60 * * * sat-sun)

If it does not show in the preferences, it probably means that inotify is not working on your platform:

  • Check the “checking for pyintofy” line in the SynoBox installation log (in the Package Center)
  • Report this in the forums to let me know

Other minor changes:

  • added HTTPS option to secure gui
  • updated gui to run as synobox user instead of root
  • updated gui to show files and folders count
  • fixed logs to display as utf-8
  • packaging changes to display better in the package center